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    Yamatos Valorant Updated


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    - Added +2 Day for all Users.



    - Spectators solved! Now works perfect. (It was not working for 2 patches)

    - Complex Weapon Esp issue solved.

    - Bullet trace lines were making the game look too complicated, now it will be cleared automatically after "15" lines.

    - Team select removed. Now only enemies will appear in all modes. (including DM)



    - Silent aim solved. It works perfectly now!

    - Aim radius for "Recoil Control" was not working, this problem is solved!

    - AimKey was not working for Spread Compensation, this problem solved!



    - [NEW] [Trigger bot] Smoke Control and Flash Control added.





    There is no key adjustment for silent aim. LMouse button is selected. Hotkey for silent aimbot will be add soon.


    NOTE: If you find any problem or bug in the cheat, let us know please.

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